To maintain the efficiency & safety of your vehicle it should be serviced at regular intervals. Intervals vary for each make & model of vehicle, refer to your service book for information on the correct type of service due & manufacturer specified intervals.
The service parts we use are only from reputable suppliers made to O.E standards, if required genuine manufacturers parts can be used.
Changes in legislation in 2003 mean that it is not compulsory for a vehicle to be serviced by the main dealer, providing the manufacturer service schedule is adhered to services can be carried out by any garage without voiding your vehicles warrantee.

Replacement intervals vary widely depending on vehicle make & model, refer to your service book for manufacturers specified intervals. It is vital that these belts are replaced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended intervals, failure to replace them could result in the belt breaking, if this happens it can cause detrimental damage to your engine, resulting in very extensive & expensive repairs.
If you are unsure when your particular vehicles cam belt is due for replacement, we will be happy to advise you.
We advise replacement of your water pump at the same time as this is
likely to have been on the vehicle the same length of time as your cam belt / timing belt
and if this fails could cause the same damage as the belt snapping.